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Manhattan Professional Mentor Sign Up Form

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Thank you for your interest in the Manhattan Professional Mentorship Program.  Please fill out the brief sign up form below to help us understand your areas of interest and availability for mentorship.


This program is co-sponsored by HYPE and Spark. HYPE is the young professional branch of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce designed to connect, engage and develop young professionals in order to encourage a more vibrant, diverse and desirable Manhattan. Spark is a nonprofit organization that serves as a regional entrepreneurship support organization for entrepreneurs and emerging business owners.


Mentor sign ups will be used to create Mentor Profiles. These will be accessible to HYPE and Spark mentees starting in April. Mentees will be able to self-select their mentor and request a match be made. Your contact information will not be given to mentees until you confirm the match. 


If you have questions about the program or need to make changes to your form, please feel free to reach out to Amber Wilhelm at the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce at

Please select the types of mentoring relationships sought*
What kind of mentorship would you like to provide?*
For business/entrepreneurship mentoring, please select the industry/industries in which you have experience?Select up to three that apply
What are your hobbies?Select all that apply. *Optional*
All information exchanged and provided between parties shall remain strictly confidential. This includes anything written, verbal, visual or inferred. Confidentiality remains in place even after the conclusion of the program or mentor/mentee relationship.*
Both Mentor and Mentee acknowledge that advice may be given to one another regarding life, business, professional conduct or decisions affecting each other's businesses and relationships. In no way will that advice be construed as giving professional advice in that respective field. Both parties agree that they are responsible for seeking their own professional advice. Mentor and Mentee hereby agree to hold each other harmless from the same.*
Each Participant will hold full responsibility for all decisions related to their plans, products or services. Furthermore, the benefits gained from participating in this mentorship program are a result of time, energy and dedication of the individuals involved, and thus are not based on participation in the program alone.*

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