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CEO Solutions

Minneapolis, MN, USA

(833) 373-0114

[email protected]

Business Setup, Community Support, Mentorship

With a focus on the CEO and executive team, CEO Solutions was founded in 2010 by Harlan Goerger. In 2008 the real-estate bubble popped and the recession began. Harlan’s clients found themselves in layoff and survival mode, battling with banks, trying to figure out how to keep going and looking for answers. “I cannot be the only one struggling with this!” and Harlan’s response is “You are not”. He gathered them together to discuss strategies and provide support, to which they indicated, “Continue this, facilitate it and we’ll pay you.” Such is the start of CEO Solutions. From there the challenge for Harlan was, “How do we continually challenge CEO’s so they continue to grow as well as their companies”. The concept of EOS by Geno Wickman was introduced and adopted as the operational system of the groups. This provides a common language in both problem solving and growth strategy as well as driving depth of conversation on issues. In addition the Leadership Challenge was added to each session, thus continually enhance the leadership capability and capacity of the CEO. The main focus is the CEO Solutions Peer to Peer Groups that drive both personal and organizational performance for fast growth companies. With tools such as the one on one sessions, additional leadership development tools, profiles such as DISC and InnovatorMindset, sales programs, Noise Killers for Integrators, operation systems, ProfitPros, personal coaching and other tools, CEO Solutions is far more than just a session a month. It comes with a huge resource of additional tools for the CEO to help them build their companies. We welcome all CEO’s who wish to continue their growth journey! Harlan Goerger, President and Founder